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How To Create Your Own Branded Product Line That Will Generate Thousands of Dollars Per Year For You!

Making a choice among the best dropshipping suppliers is important but not the only way to establish an online business that drips thousands of dollars. What’s even more important is to choose a product line that sells and gets connected with the right target audience. 

Therefore this article includes the best recipe to start and establish a branded product line that will be capable of generating thousands of dollars on annual basis. Let’s see how!

1. Identify what your unique selling proposition is

With hundreds and thousands of businesses in the market. especially in the e-commerce industry, every business is selling almost the same products and services. Apart from a few of them, similar product lines and services are being marketed. Then where do businesses stand apart? The key to standing unique in such a situation is through a “unique selling proposition”.

A unique selling proposition enables businesses to identify and highlight what makes them stand apart from other homogeneous businesses. A unique selling proposition helps businesses to target their unique sales efforts. But how can businesses identify their unique selling proposition?

The best way to identify the unique selling proposition of a business is by analyzing how the competitors are selling their products and services to their customers. By observing what products the competitors are selling and how they are selling, businesses can figure out their unique selling propositions. By learning how other companies are distinguishing themselves from the rest, businesses can discover their unique selling points.

2. Create a line of products that reflect your brand and values

What makes businesses different from their competitors is not just their brand name. The main feature of a business that makes it different is its product i.e what is the business selling and how is it different? Therefore to become different from competitors, having a strong brand identity has become important.

Businesses should create such a line of products through which they can communicate and interact with the customers at the emotional and personal level. Products communicate the brand of the business. A strong product line is the interface of the whole personality of the business. It helps in the creation of a strong brand identity.

A business needs to sell products that tell a lot about the brand itself. Products should be such that the customers when using them can identify themselves with the brand. By using the products of a business, customers should be able to understand the business values of the brand more and should be eager to make repetitive purchases.

3. Develop a marketing strategy to reach your target audience

Communicating the right message to the right people is the main pain point in digital marketing. An effective marketing strategy is the only way to achieve this. effective marketing strategy is very important for a business. Because when marketing is not done right both time and money go to waste. 

The development of an effective marketing strategy begins with the identification of the target audience. For this purpose, consumers are segregated based on their demographics, attitudes, psychometrics, purchasing power, etc. The target audience consists of genuine individuals. Individuals who will show interest in buying the product. 

After the selection of the target audience, the next step is choosing the appropriate marketing channel. Brands use different media such as video ads, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and blogs and articles. The creation of useful and relevant content increases the probability of more purchases. 

Among all the marketing strategies influencer marketing these days is the most effective medium. It helps to meet various marketing goals more.

4. Set up an online store or sell through other retailers

In the present age of digitalization, starting an online store has become easier than ever. A lot of e-commerce platforms allow business owners to create their online presence through code-free site builders. A lot of business start-ups and even established businesses have been using e-commerce platforms to run their businesses online. It doesn’t matter even if a business does not have manufacturing capability. People can still do business and sell products through retailers.

Creating an online business is as simple as the following eight steps:

  • In the next step business owners should give their business identity. This includes deciding upon a unique brand name and logo.
  • The third step involves registering the company as an LLC i.e Limited Liability Company.
  • The fifth step is among the most important steps in creating an online business. It involves selecting the platform for creating the online presence of the business. There are several options to choose from such as Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, etc.
  • Each platform has its pros and cons. Shopify for example offers plenty of options for business owners who want to do Alibaba dropshipping. It offers built-in plugins and apps that ease dropshipping. Squarespace offers a variety of store customization options and is cost-effective as well.
  • After the selection of the online platform, the next step is to create the store. Store creation is an easy and step-by-step process that begins with customizing the home page creating the policy pages and adding the product catalog.
  • The last and amongst the most important step is to optimize the online store through SEO. SEO is the most convenient and cost-effective medium to market the store to the target audience. Businesses need to have bags full of money to do Facebook marketing and even then the chances of success are rare. SEO provides the option to market the store to the right people through the addition of the right keywords. It also increases the searchability of the store and products.

5. Manage inventory and shipping logistics 

Businesses sometimes offer amazing products and do top-notch marketing but still fail. Why because they are incapable of proper inventory management and logistics. The modern consumer is impatient, thus, if the product doesn’t reach on time it will switch. Inventory management and streamlined logistics are at the heart of good customer service. This is where businesses keep and lose customers.

To efficiently and maintain the inventory and shipping logistics e-commerce businesses avail of the services of third-party service providers. One such example is Shipbear. Through its global network of warehouses, Shipbear provides inventory management services across the world. This helps in shipping the product to the nearest location in the shortest span of time possible.

Shipbear has connections and partnerships with major business hubs across Asia and Europe. This facilitates the shipping of products to customers in these regions in an uninterrupted and timely manner. Shipbear offers fast global delivery services within a period of three to 15 days. With global fulfillment network services Shipbear also offers flash delivery within a period of two to five days.

Through fast and reliable branded inventory management and shipping logistics services, Shipbear takes the burden from its clients. Therefore they can pay attention to other areas of business such as marketing, manufacturing, etc.

6. Monitor sales and make necessary adjustments

Monitoring sales performance is vital to business performance. It helps to identify the weak points in the marketing strategy and identification of the target audience. For example, if the sales performance is declining it means that the business needs to revise its marketing strategy. It should invest more in the marketing content and make sure that the targeting is towards the right people.

Successful sales performance helps in the identification of winning marketing tactics. It is necessary that the measurement of sales performance is easy to understand. Also, the results help in making informed decisions about business and marketing strategy.


Digitalization and online e-commerce platforms have made online businesses easy. But, establishing a multi-million dollar requires research and perseverance. From deciding the niche, and defining the target audience to marketing the product line every step is a challenge to overcome. 

It is thus better to partner with service providers like Shipbear to take off the burden of logistics and inventory management. Moreover, to redirect the time and effort to other important business areas. Click here if you want to realize your dream of starting your multimillion-dollar e-commerce business today!


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