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4 Ways Your Small Business Can Compete with Larger Companies

Owning a small business comes with its own pros and cons. While it may seem to you at times, your small business only gets shadowed under the bigger brand names, it’s quite possible for small businesses to actually have more advantages over the prominent brands in the market.

As a small business owner, you need to focus more on your service value and get some knowledge on how dropshipping works. If you’re new to this, here’s a link for you to check more about trusted dropshipping services.

As we continue forward, let’s first see what factors that can affect your performance as a small business and help you compete with bigger companies regardless of the size of your business.

Factors that affect the performance of a small business:

There are many things linked to a small business’s performance but there are a few factors that directly impact your performance as a small business and make it into an excellent small business. 

  • Quality customer service:

For a small business, the customer is the biggest asset. You’re in the booming phase for your business and want to focus on every customer to make sure they return and come back to benefit your growing business.

  • Unique marketing strategy:

Some small businesses try to play safe and go with conventional marketing strategies to avoid any risks. But the fact is, you need to be experimental with your marketing strategy in order to grab the attention of the audience.

Be experimental, try out new ways of marketing, and make a unique marketing strategy for your business to make it stand out.

  • A Firm digital presence:

We’re living in a world where social media is 80% part of our day. People are more into brands that have a prominent digital presence than brands that are not yet digitally acknowledged.

The digital presence will not only help you market your business in a better way but also help generate more sales as people are into online shopping more than physically going to stores now.

  • Target the right audience:

Recent research shows that brands that have been able to make it to the top of successful businesses in a short period have actually attained this by targeting the right audience.

Know your audience, before you jump into promoting your business, you must know the right audiences you want to target. Check the demographics and interests of the audiences you’re looking into targeting and then proceed with pitching on.

Can small businesses compete with bigger companies?

In a one-word answer, Yes! They can. Small businesses are emerging and creating massive impact, especially on social media these days. With a little knowledge of marketing strategies and a defined set of goals that you want to achieve, any small business can certainly compete with bigger companies.

So how does one, as a small business owner, get to the point where they’re facing off with bigger companies? 

Well, there are a few ways you can do that but before we head into that you need to have some knowledge of dropshipping services. 

Dropshipping by definition is when retail businesses don’t stock up on the products and they directly get them delivered to the customer from the seller. For a small business to provide quality services to its customers, having a good dropshipping service provider is vital.

There are numerous dropshipping websites that you can look into for this purpose.

4 ways your small business can compete with bigger companies:

  1. Decide your niche and identify your target audience wisely:

While this may seem very basic, this is the very first step for you to make your way to a successful business. Select a niche and stick to it. Your niche will help you define your target audience which will then shape your entire business model.

For small businesses, it gets even more crucial to target the right audience as it takes up all the load of the investment. Business experts suggest carrying out surveys and pre-launch questioning with your target audience to know more about them and their interests.

  1. Keep up with the marketing trends:

If you want your business to be considered as one that puts a lot of time and effort into its marketing strategies, you will have to keep up with the trends.

With the growing use of social media and an increase in online shopping, marketing trends are changing every other month. Businesses are being more mindful of capturing the customer’s attention and convincing them of their need for the product.

Creating need has been a conventional marketing technique but grasping the attention of the customer is one thing that today’s growing social media world has made more challenging.

Content creators suggest grabbing the attention of the audience in the first three seconds to keep them hooked to your ad and possibly convert a visiting customer into a paying customer.

As a small business owner, it can be intimidating for you to consider competing with big names in the market but if you go with a good competitive strategy you can definitely be in the same lead and who knows, take the lead someday too.

  1. Value customer feedback:

One thing that some big businesses may lack and you as a small business can focus on to take the lead is customer feedback.

Focusing on customer feedback brings with it good customer service, so to have a happy customer is what you should aim for and respond to the feedback positively. It is easier for small businesses to focus on individual customer feedback as there aren’t as many as there are for a larger scaled business. So this can give you an edge to build a better connection with your customers by valuing their feedback and getting back to them positively.

For bigger companies, customer feedback can be conflicting and so most businesses try to avoid taking notice of every customer’s feedback, this is where small businesses can take the lead.

Focus on your customers, listen to them, and make them feel heard.

  1. Be more active in the community:

When you are running a small business you’re still in the “building phase” for your business and you have a long way to build connections in the community.

Being more active in the community will help you grow and make a name for your business in the market. Attending public events and hosting community gatherings is going to give your business that extra boost that you might be needing at the time.

Small business showcasing events and opportunities to display your work for bigger audiences at public events is how you can choose to be an active member in the community and help your business grow faster.


Small businesses have their ways of coming up if there’s a will and constant work toward it. Good marketing strategies, and focusing on customer satisfaction are key to taking up your business faster than the ordinary.

Small businesses competing with big companies have been seen using tricks that big companies are unable to focus on, that includes focusing on customer feedback and making sure to value it.

With changing marketing trends in the market, you never know what can work for you and so adapting to the latest trends will take you far in the industry. No matter what scale you start at, there’s always a door full of opportunities and the key is in your hands!

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What are 5 Signs it’s Time to Outsource Fulfillment for Your eCommerce Business?

Fulfillment in an eCommerce business is a critical aspect. It needs efficiency and accuracy in the process of handling and shipping orders who can make or break your business. If you don’t choose to outsource fulfillment as your business grows, you may face many difficulties in hiring outside help. So, outsourcing fulfillment is very helpful for the success of your business and yourself as well. Here are 5 signs that show it’s time to outsource your business fulfillment

1. Expand to New Markets

You need proper research in your fulfillment strategy to expand your business either domestically or internationally. You also need a lot of research. Many questions arise in your mind given below:

  • Where are your more prospective customers located?
  • Are you using multiple sales channels?
  • What are your additional shipping/handling requirements?

These are some questions and many more arise when you are trying to run an online store and maintain orders rushing out the door. For the growth of your business expansion offers to provide amazing opportunities. The reputation of your brand effect badly when you don’t deliver the service that your customers desired. For outsourcing fulfillment, you need support and objectives to make your plans fulfill completely.  Fulfillment partners like eBay dropshipping equip you with many advanced tools when you start working with them. Your product will reach local as well as international customers. By taking this step, you unlock more doors in the future of the global world.

  1. Effect of Shipping Costs

As everyone wants to cut costs, then a business must be successful. Shipping costs and delivery times both are important for your customers. Consumers are very selective in terms of shipping costs and delivery times as competition is tough. Outsource fulfillment will provide you with the best shipping solution for your business to ensure the delivery of parcels on time and within budget. By contacting outsourced order fulfillment, the expenses of your shipment will also be reduced. There is also an advantage in that you get shipping discounts offered by fulfillment companies that previously you bear on their own. You need in-house fulfillment necessary when your products are customized according to your client’s choice. After outsourcing, you will be able to ship parcels to new or international locations that you weren’t able to before. Outsourced fulfillment also reduces shipping costs and packing materials.

  1. Extraordinary Customer Service

In the present era, customer services required an uplift. It is a 24/7 job for an eCommerce business. Customers must be your first priority in your business. They need multiple communication channels to choose to ask according to their choice. Feedback from customers is a big sign that it is time to start outsourcing for fulfillment needs. If you want your business will grow and succeed, customer service is very necessary. Customer shipping inquiries and complaints are a strong indicator. It indicates that your eCommerce fulfillment process is not as optimized as your business growth needs. Customers always expected cheaper and faster shipping. If they fail to fulfill this promise significantly impacts customer retention.

Consumer expectations are high, competition is fierce. If you want to be successful in your business, customer service needs to be extraordinary.

  1. Shortage of stock

One of the major drawbacks of an eCommerce store, you will be paid by customers but can’t have the ability to send them their products. After not fulfilling their orders, you face major trust issues for your business. It is because you’ve got many competitors who ship orders sooner than you. Stock-outs are an alarming situation that not only prevents a sale from occurring but also reduces the chance that customers come back to your store next time. You must have intimate knowledge of the stock you have right now to avoid the whole scenario. So your revenue will near to end when you order too much stock. So, there are many things required like hiring a bigger team, advertising, and launching a new product or a big sale.

In an e-commerce business, inventory is the core. You’ll need to have a record of your inventory like counting everything, and tracking products as sold and near to resupply before time. You must have an eye on your shipped and returned orders. If your eCommerce business is facing inventory accuracy issues, it’s the sign to start outsourcing your fulfillment operation.

  1. Upgradation of Technology

It is not easy to maintain technology as it is expensive as well. Technology is the center of every modern sales or business. Much in-house fulfillment uses a huge amount of their total annual budget to maintain and upgrade technology and equipment in their warehouse. Many of you feel that in-house fulfillment is complex. In your warehouse, technology can be costly to acquire and maintain. So, here is the need to outsource your fulfillment. However, outsourcing fulfillment means keeping things up-to-date and ensuring integration with the platform you’re already using. When you outsource your fulfillment it is very cost-effective as the technology of fulfillment company costs is spread across many clients. Before outsourcing, you must know that fulfillment is not one of their core competencies. If you are having a small setup and wanted to get access to the latest innovation in your business is only feasible when you outsource fulfillment.


Firstly, when you start an eCommerce business you want to deal with your fulfillment handling as you use a DIY approach. With time, when your business grows you start looking for outsourcing fulfillment. We discuss 5 signs that you now need someone else to handle your fulfilment for your business. As soon as you realise you’ve been spending a little too much time on the fulfillment that you’re neglecting other important responsibilities at your eCommerce business, you know it is time to outsource. Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment unlocking new efficiencies in your operations. The key benefit of working with outsourced eCommerce fulfillment is that they are providing a flexible approach for storage and fulfillment. allowing you to provide improved customer service.


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