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Become a Shipbear Affiliate

Since many clients like our service and have ​referred many of their fellow e-commerce owner friends to us, Shipbear has launched our affiliate programme since October 2021. Join our family and invite your friends to bring your e-commerce business to the next level! 

  1. Shipbear understands how important partnership is in business
  2. Shipbear Affiliate Programme provides our client, business partners and influencers an opportunity to refer potential clients to us to earn a share of the revenue (commission)
  1. When you refer an eligible client to us, our staff will make a record of it.
  2. We then will discuss the details with the client.
  3. If he finally agrees to use our service, we will integrate with his online stores and begin to receive and process his order.
  4. When his orders are shipped from our warehouse, he will be billed an amount due to the fulfilled orders and part of that amount will be shared with you.
  1. We share 1% of the total revenue generated by the client for the first 180 days
  2. The first day is counted as the day when Shipbear ships the first order for the client
  1. Once you join this affiliate programme, we will open a google document (spreadsheet) for you which will be updated daily to record the transaction and balance of your commission
  1. At the end of each month (the last calendar day of each month), we will calculate the balance remaining in your commission account.
  2. We will then transfer the balance to your account

There are several ways you can receive the money


  1. Payoneer 
    • Payoneer is fast, reliable and low-cost and we recommend to use it 
    • We do not charge any handling fee if you use Payoneer to receive your commission


  1. Other bank accounts/ payment gateways (e.g. SWIFT/ Wire/ Paypal)
    • If you choose to receive your commission other than Payoneer, there may be a fee charged by the bank / financial institute


  1. Charge your Shipbear Wallet 
    • If you are an active client in Shipbear, you may choose to use the balance accumulated in your commission account to charge your Shipbear Wallet for  fulfillment of your own shops’ orders

There are several ways you can receive the money

  • You can follow this link to register a payoneer account
  • Once you have received over 1000 USD, you will get 25 USD rewards from payoneer

  • Simon referred a potential customer John to Shipbear.
  • Shipbear ended up signing a fulfillment contract with John on 1st April 2021.
  • Shipbear completed integration with John’s online store on 1st April 2021 and started to process his orders. 
  • On 3rd April 2021, the first orders were shipped from Shipbear’s warehouse and John was billed 1000 USD for the orders shipped on 3rd April 2021. 
  • As a result, a commission of 10USD was credited to Simon’s commission account on 3rd April 2021
  • Simon chose to receive his commission from Payoneer. On 30th April 2021, Shipbear transferred the commission he earned in April to his payoneer account.
  • Simon will continue to receive 1% of the amount billed to John’s account as commission for the next 180 days until 29th September, 2021.
  • Alexia has been working with Shipbear since early 2020 and ShipBear has successfully fulfilled over 10,000 orders for her toy dropshipping store.
  • Alexia later referred her friend Claudia to Shipbear.
  • Claudia had found a winning product and was selling over 300 orders per day.
  • Claudia generated 55000 USD sales revenue to Shipbear in October 2021.
  • In October, Alexia received 550 USD as commission.
  • As Claudia’s store is still selling exceptionally well, Alexia will continue to receive commission in the coming few months.

Invite your friends now!

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Alternatively, fill in the contact form. Our team will contact you asap.

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