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4 Marketing Tips to Promote Your Dropshipping Website

You have got a dropshipping store. Added some cool dropshipping products and made the store live. Getting any customers? Of course not!


Because you haven’t started marketing your dropshipping store yet and without effective marketing, you can never expect any sales (Except you are your own customer).

Follow the four effective marketing tips for marketing your dropshipping store listed in this blog and thank us later!

 Brand Awareness through Guest Posting on Websites and Publications

Have you ever heard about guest posting? Guest posting is a technique of content writing. In guest posting, you write content about your website on someone else’s blog, website publication, or website. This content includes a link to your brand website.

Guest posting is a very simple and cost-effective way to attract foreign visitors to your dropshipping website and therefore increase your web traffic. For relevant traffic, you need to post on websites and publications that belong to your niche. For example, if you have a product that belongs to the tech and gadgets niche make sure to post about it on Tech blogs, publications, and websites.

Guest posting builds brand awareness by bringing more visitors. When trustworthy sites publish content related to your products or brand it creates trust among potential buyers and visitors. It brings more subscribers and is a great way of lead generation.

Therefore, guest posting is a creative and quite simple way of marketing your dropshipping website. Now the question comes how to select the websites, blogs and publications for guest posting. For this purpose, it is best to search and make a list of blogs, websites, and publications where you can post content related to your dropshipping store. For example, if you have a store related to home and garden niche then the recommended platforms for guest posting are:

  • Maramani
  • Thealmostdone
  • Residencestyle etc.

Posting an Entertaining Graphic or Video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

The e-commerce landscape is evolving at a very rapid pace. People love to watch in less time than to read by spending more time. One-third of the time spent online is spent on watching videos. Therefore, showcasing your products through an effective video or an attractive graphics is a more creative way to market your dropshipping store.

A recent survey concludes that almost eighty one percent of marketers are of the viewpoint that a video of their business, product or service has a direct positive impact on the sales :

With the evolution of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest reaching out to potential audience has become quite easier.

Not only these, but businesses can also increase brand engagement by reaching out to millions of people by creating YouTube Video channels and Podcasts as well.

A suitable example in this case is that of Shopify. Whoever knows dropshipping is familiar with Shopify. Every Monday Shopify conducts a podcast “Thank God It’s Monday” where they invite people to share their success stories with people. Not only it creates awareness among people but also motivates them to start their own business for which they can use Shopify.

For a video or graphic to effectively reach the potential audience it should be:

  • Highly visual
  • Should have less text-based content
  • It makes customers emotionally connect with your brand
  • It should be in line with the brand strategy
  • It should be memorable and
  • The colors, fonts, logos, and images should be the same as in your blogs and articles.

Set up a paid advertising campaign on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads 

Google and Facebook being the two giants of the digital marketing world offer huge advertising opportunities, to e-commerce business owners. No matter you are doing Walmart dropshipping or Amazon dropshipping, paid advertising campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads can boost your sales and create brand awareness as well.

But the main question that arises here is:


Let’s make a detailed comparison:

Google AdWordsFacebook Ads
Google AdWords potential reach is wider as compared to Facebook ads.Facebook ads have a limited reach but due to pixel integration, their potential to reach the target audience is more than Google AdWords.
It is a paid search i.e. your ad is placed on the basis of target keywords.It is a paid social media advertising.

They are slightly more expensive than Facebook ads on the basis of CPC i.e. cost per click.

These are cheaper than Google ads on the basis of CPC.
Targeting is done on the basis of location, income, age, gender etc.Other than all the factors such as age, gender, etc. it also targets customers on the basis of interests and behaviors. Interest and behavior-based targeting is not available in Google AdWords.

Influencer Marketing: The Latest Trend

There was a time when people only followed religions, beliefs and rituals. Now the time have changed and along with these people also follow INFLUENCERS.

The influencer market has emerged as a pillar of digital marketing. One post by an influencer who has millions of followers can increase your brand awareness, brand engagement and reach to millions of people in just few minutes. This is the POWER of influencer marketing.

One blogger or Vlogger endorses your brand and BOOM! Your sales start skyrocketing.

Everyone is hooked to screens these days. In the “NEW NORMAL” Influencers, podcasts and YouTube Videos have a prominent space of their own. And we can’t avoid them because they are everywhere.

Do you know from where comes the strongest engagement numbers? TIC TOK it is. Who knew a few years before that TIC TOK will gain a big slice of the digital marketing sphere?

Now is the time of ATTENTION ECONOMY. Today those brands succeed who win the attention of their consumers. Influencers through the creation of appealing and entertaining content are playing a prominent role in gaining customers’ attention and intention to purchase.

Endorsements and recommendations lie at the heart of influencer marketing. Therefore, if you are looking for an easier and more effective way to market your dropshipping business then influencer marketing is a good go.


Each of the four strategies to market your dropshipping store has its own qualities. Selection of the appropriate strategy depends upon your budget, time and objective. Be it influencer marketing, Google AdWords, Facebook Marketing, Guest posting, or video ad marketing you can choose all of these simultaneously or one at a time. Whichever strategy you choose should be result oriented and effective.


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