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How to Monetize Your Blog with A Dropshipping Business

The e-commerce world has opened so many arenas of earning through business that you will be literally amazed to see the options and ideas. Who knew simply writing content online would become a business some day? Endorsements and recommendations matter a lot. So, if you have got a blog and have some followers as well then you can definitely make some extra dollars by setting up a dropshipping business on your blog.

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Why you should start a dropshipping business on your blog?

Dropshipping is an easy way to monetize your blog more quickly. However, before you start dropshipping on your blog make sure that you already have a decent number of followers.

But how do you start a dropshipping business on a blog?

Setting up your dropshipping business on your blog is based on a pretty simple model. All you have to do is:

  • Connect your blog with a dropshipping supplier. 
  • Then you look for winning products and write blogs about them. 
  • Customers read your blogs and recommendations and purchase the products. 
  • The dropshipping supplier receives the order and carries out the fulfillment process.

So, in case you are looking for an easier way about:

How to start a dropshipping business for free?

Then starting your dropshipping business through a blog is a good idea. 

How to choose the right products to sell on your website

The success of a dropshipping business relies heavily on your choice of products. One winning product that sells can make you a millionaire. But finding that gem is hard. We cannot deny the fact that some people are lucky, but still, the role of expertise and knowledge cannot be denied.

The same is the case with finding a winning product for your dropshipping store. Listed below are the platforms which can help you find and choose the right products for your dropshipping business. But what is the right product? A right or winning product is one:

  • For which people have demand in the market
  • That is selling
  • Has a WOW factor
  • Solves a particular problem.
  • Let’s you earn maximum profits.

Let’s discuss and explain the product research methods in detail:


Who knew hashtags will be so popular someday? Every new day a hashtag goes viral and then you see thousands of people posting, commenting, and tweeting.

This is the reason behind the popularity of Influencer marketing, especially on Instagram which is simply the act of promoting products through people.

Instagram has billions of monthly users. The recent feature of reels on Instagram has doubled its engagement to a hundred times more than before. Brands hire influencers on Instagram or market products themselves through reels and videos. You can easily find trending products through hashtags on Instagram. Below are some hashtags which you can use to hunt products for dropshipping:







Various tools can be used to hunt dropshipping products. Ali Insider, Ecom Hunt, and Niche scraper are some of the paid tools that can be used to look for products that are in demand and selling like hotcakes. 

Ali insider also shows limited products from different niches that are winners i.e. in demand and trending. It provides complete data such as Facebook ad links, Competitor websites and the product line on Ali express as well.

These tools provide new dropshippers with a good opportunity to spend less time searching for winning products and invest in products that are already in demand.

Ask the Suppliers

You must have heard about “ASK AN EXPERT”, in e-commerce we “ASK THE SUPPLIER”.

Suppliers are important members of the e-commerce family so like every important member they know all the family secrets. They which products are in demand, which products are selling, and which products have just launched in the market.

So, if you are looking for how to start dropshipping on Amazon? Or starting to monetize your blog with dropshipping then it is better to contact the supplier to provide you with a list of products that he is selling at large to your competitors.

Facebook Ads and Tic Tok

Facebook and Tic Tok are amazing sources to provide you with information about the latest dropshipping products. Almost all dropshipping businesses use Facebook ads for marketing their products. Facebook pixel integration helps to target customers not based on just location and gender but also based on interests and beliefs.

Similarly, Tic Tok has recently emerged as a major marketing platform targeting millions of customers. Most of the trending products become viral through Tic Toks and result in millions of sales.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

What’s critical to a successful dropshipping business is not just finding the right product but also the right supplier. If you have just stepped into the dropshipping business and don’t know where to find a supplier for your products then need not worry. You can find a dropshipping supplier:

Online Supplier Directories

You can find downloadable supplier lists by subscribing to various supplier directories. Some of the directories require just a sign-up to allow you to download the supplier list while others might ask for paid subscriptions.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth plays a great role in leading you to trustworthy suppliers. You have to join dropshipping and supplier-related groups and pages on Facebook. Ask for referrals from fellow dropshippers. A good supplier will always have a good reputation and will be recommended by its customers to others.

Trade shows

If you want to get some real face time with the suppliers and dropshippers then try to attend trade shows. Manufacturers and suppliers organize trade shows to get in touch with their potential clients. It is a great opportunity to connect with suppliers and ask your queries personally. Trade shows are a great business opportunity for both suppliers and dropshipping business owners.

Role of Shipbear in Finding Products and Suppliers

A lot of new dropshipping businesses fail because they fail to find either a good product or a trustworthy supplier. By selecting Shipbear as your dropshipping partner both of these problems is resolved. Because of its exceptional fulfillment services Shipbear has turned the ordinary business into a well-known brand. The feedback of our customers on Shipbear’s website is proof of Shipbear’s journey as a fulfillment agent and dropshipping partner.

So, if you are new to dropshipping business then you can put your trust in Shipbear with a blind eye. Why? Because:

  • Shipbear has a team of specialized agents that help you find products that are in demand. These specialized agents source the best quality products at cost-effective prices from reliable manufacturers or suppliers.
  • Sometimes you might find good suppliers yourself but couldn’t succeed in negotiating with them because of high MOQ i.e. Minimum order quantity. Shipbear understands that new business does not have much capital to pay for high MOQ. Therefore, Shipbear does not have any MOQ for order fulfillment. A minimal amount is required at the time of the contract. However, for global fulfillment, MOQ is a requirement depending on which country you are targeting.
  • Fast delivery is a huge catch in dropshipping. Shipbear understands it and therefore for the US, it offers a minimum delivery time of 3-7 days.
  • Shipbear also connects you with suppliers and manufacturers that provide you with good quality products at reasonable costs. By working with Shipbear the whole headache of order fulfillment is relieved and you can pay attention to other areas of business.


Dropshipping is a versatile business and because of this one size fits all characteristic it can be integrated into a lot of business models. Who knew that dropshipping can be part of blog monetization? Combined with content marketing dropshipping can help you earn millions. The cost is low and the returns are MASSIVE!


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