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The Top Benefits Of Working With A Dropshipping Fulfillment Agent

David has always been interested in the question:

What is dropshipping business?

So he started his own. Luckily found a winning product. Started Marketing and began receiving 50-60 orders of the product. Although he started well with Ali express and Oberlo yet the increased volume of orders could not be managed properly. He became extremely worried because:

  • Order processing became too much time-consuming and customers became impatient.
  • He could not follow up with fulfillment and customer service because of poor communication with suppliers.

If you are a new dropshipping business owner like David and stuck in the same situation then this blog is for you.

What is a dropshipping fulfillment agent and what do they do?

The only solution to avoid the pain in processing orders and poor communication with suppliers is to hire a DROPSHIPPING FULFILLMENT AGENT.

Who is a dropshipping fulfillment agent?

A dropshipping fulfillment agent is an individual or a third-party logistics company that works on the behalf of a dropshipping business. 

But what does a dropshipping fulfillment agent actually does?

They perform all the important functions of:

  • Sourcing products for dropshipping
  • Finding reliable manufacturers and suppliers
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping goods
  • And all other fulfillment-related activities.

If we say that a dropshipping fulfillment agent takes the complete headache of fulfillment off from the dropshipping business, we wouldn’t be wrong. According to an estimate outsourcing fulfillment to third party logistics can increase business growth by 15-25 percent.

Hire a Dropshipping Fulfillment Agent and Increase Your Sales Now!

A dropshipping fulfillment agent is similar to the Booster Shot of CoronaVirus. It adds to the efficiency of the business by boosting SALES and PROFITS. But how?

You must have experienced it yourself that when you place an online order you become impatient. Every day you seek for the arrival of your package. A good part of the day is spent thinking 

What would the product look like? 

Would it be the same as seen on the website? 

Is it worth buying etc?


The package arrives but OOPS!

It’s not the same quality as shown on the website. The packaging and product quality are way below your expectations. 

Would you order again? 

Of course not!

Not only that you will give them a bad review but also never recommend anyone to shop from the same brand.

On the positive side if everything goes as per your expectations such as :

  • The product arrives on time
  • The product’s quality is better than expected
  • The product arrived in amazing customized packaging and
  • The brand even called you to take your after-service feedback
  • You will order again, leave a positive review and recommend the brand to your friends.

This is how a dropshipping fulfillment agent increases the sales of a dropshipping business i.e by effectively carrying out the whole fulfillment process from product sourcing to after-sales service. Each order when delivered on time and results in satisfied customers brings more orders with it. Consequently, leading to a rise in sales and profits of the dropshipping business.

Hiring a Fulfillment Agent or Work Yourself?

Fulfillment is a very time-consuming process. Especially when you have just stepped into the dropshipping business and do not have much experience.

The major benefit of working with a dropshipping agent is that it takes the burden and worries away that are associated with:

  • Late deliveries
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Finding suppliers for quality products and 
  • Inventory management.

Dropshipping fulfillment agent simplifies the whole process for new business owners. It saves you a lot of time. As a new business owner, you can use this time on other important tasks such as handling marketing and even scaling the business.

If you are a business owner who doesn’t have any experience in dealing with international logistics then you have no idea of the international shipping regulations. These regulations can be very hectic and dealing with them can be very time-consuming. Therefore, hiring a 3PL i.e Third Party Logistics or an individual dropshipping agent can save you from all the fuss related to handling international logistics and shipping.

Consider you have a huge number of orders coming in for which you have to keep your inventory ready. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE A WAREHOUSE (DAMN!!)

Renting a warehouse can be extremely expensive and increase the overhead costs of your business. There is no way out!!

Well, don’t you worry because a dropshipping fulfillment agent provides you with automated inventory management services?  Most of the 3PLs have their warehouses at international locations that not only provide fast deliveries but also keep a record of the inventory available. Inventory management is a relief provided by dropshipping fulfillment agents to business owners.

Is This The Right Fulfillment Agent?

Choices are always hard to make. Especially in the e-commerce industry where trends are changing so rapidly. It takes time for you to know how to make money through dropshipping. However, you have to make sure that whatever choice you make is in the best interest of the business.

Among these important choices is the selection of a fulfillment agent that will implement the fulfillment process in the best interest of the business. According to a survey, the most important factor that determines the success of an e-commerce business is the market strategy. Selection of an appropriate fulfillment agent is also part of devising a market strategy for business.

While selecting a dropshipping fulfillment agent you need to consider the following factors:


Make sure that the dropshipping fulfillment agent is located near the manufacturing facility. Also, it should have an international warehouse located in your target country. For example, if your target country is the US then your fulfillment agent should have a warehouse in the US.

Your Product Requirements

If you are going to market more than one product make sure that your fulfillment agent has contacts with multiple suppliers. In this case, he can get you the best price quotes.

Business Model

You should have ample information about the business model your supplier is following. For example, shipbear follows a business model where several products are made available in the warehouse. In this way, customers do not face product delivery delays.

Reputation and Cost of Services

Do not forget to check if the fulfillment agent you are hiring has a good reputation in the market or not. Check their website and customer reviews. See how many clients they have dealt with before.

Then comes the most important factor i.e Cost of services. Do a cost-benefit analysis and see if you can afford the services or not.

Shipbear in this case is a safe choice as a fulfillment agent. The tagline of the company says it all i.e



Shipbear provides extremely cost-effective fulfillment services from product sourcing to packaging and customer services. With a global fulfillment warehouse network, it provides the fastest shipping ranging from 3-15 days across the world.

Its inventory management services are unmatched and surely make Shipbear the perfect choice for a fulfillment agent.


Working with a fulfillment agent is in the best interest of a dropshipping business. Finding the one to rely on is a challenge. Make sure that you make a careful selection and make a perfect choice such as Shipbear. An experienced fulfillment agent or agency can take your business to new heights by increasing sales and leading to happy customers.


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