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How to Build a Dropshipping Amazon Store

After reading the title the first question that must have come to your mind is:

Is dropshipping allowed on Amazon?

Well if not than what is the point of writing this blog?

Amazon does allow dropshipping but it should be in accordance with the rules and regulations specified by Amazon.

Depending upon the scale of your business you have to choose an individual or a professional plan and start selling on Amazon with your own branded e-commerce store. Have a similar plan in mind? Read this blog further!

How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell?

High in demand and low competition these are the words on which your whole product research strategy should be based on. Where finding such a product is the dream of every Amazon dropshipping seller, it is equally difficult to find one.

Among millions of products and thousands of sellers who have competitively placed themselves on Amazon, if you want to take your place then search for a product who is a WINNER. A winner product should have the following characteristics:

Light Weight

Weight is a huge factor when selecting a product for dropshipping on Amazon. Heavier products are costly to ship, manage and package. Light weight products have low shipping cost. 

Not at all Seasonal

Depends upon your own priorities!

Some sellers want to invest in products that are expected to give them huge profits during a specific season. Such as Halloween decorations, Christmas related products, etc. However, there are certain products that can give you profits all year long. Therefore, it completely depends on your priorities whether you want a JACK OF ALL TRADES product or the one that rings for some time just like an alarm clock.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Doesn’t it seem so soothing to know that Amazon compiles a list of TOP 100 profitable products for you?

It does.

However, Amazon has millions of products thousands of which are still untapped so selecting just 100 out of these is nothing. It’s better to do you own homework as well. But since you are a new seller browsing through the list can give you a good idea of which category and sub category to invest in.

Setting Up Your Amazon Storefront

Have you got a product in mind and passionate about SELLING ON AMAZON? For all the e-commerce enthusiast Amazon is the biggest destination of branded stores and products. Through stores, Amazon provides business owners a free service tool to advertise their products.

The next step is to establish you Amazon Store front. Easy it seems and can be accomplished in the following five steps:

  • Create your seller account. For this you need to have a business email and a brand name.
  • Log in to Seller Central
  • Navigate to menus, select “stores” and click “manage stores”
  • Simply click the button “create store”
  • Select a template for store 

After selecting a template, you design the aesthetics of your store. Add product or products, set shipping rates and start marketing. Keep in mind that once you submit request for your Amazon Central account it takes at least two business days to get the approval.

Make sure that all the information you provide such as ID card, Tax Information, Bank account information etc. is credible. Amazon provides a store creating interface that is extremely user friendly.

Creating Product Listings That Convert

Whether to buy the product or not? 

This decision is solely based on how well a brand’s product listing is.

Product listings are not just about showcasing your top selling products’ images, prices and features to the potential customers. They are much more than that. Product listings have the ability to keep convert your visitors into buyers because no matter what APPEARANCE MATTERS!

The clearer the product listing is, the more likely it is that your Amazon Store will become successful.

To create a product listing all you have to do is:

  • Log in to your seller account, 
  • Select Inventory
  • Click on “add products”

The best quality of a product listing is that it is completely optimized. An optimized product listing is the one that represents the product to the buyers in a realistic way. The look and feel of the product listing should be such that it represents the brand in a positive way.

To increase the optimization of your store’s product listing make sure that you add positive reviews of the product. This increases the brand’s credibility among the potential buyers.

Characteristics of an Optimized Amazon Product Listing
It contains all the Amazon Keywords the customers are using to search relevant products. To find these keywords use Amazon SEO Keyword research tool.
The product titles should be optimized as well. For this Amazon provides style guides to follow for all the categories and sub categories.
The product descriptions should clearly communicate all the product features customers are looking for. Do not forget to write in bullet points and add relevant keywords.
Product images should be clear and of good quality.

Shipping and Handling Orders 

Th dropshipping model is same on Amazon as it is on other dropshipping platforms. The seller and the manufacturer or the supplier are in an agreement. The seller creates the store, adds the products, market them and receives orders. These orders are communicated to the dropshipper/supplier.

The rest of the fulfillment process from packaging to shipping and delivery are handled by the dropshipper himself. The seller is just responsible for store creation and getting orders.

Customer Service and Growing Your Business

Customer service is at the heart of the e-commerce business. In the year 2020 in the US one third of the whole e-commerce sales growth was represented by Amazon. One of the main reasons behind this is that Amazon’s customer service always goes beyond the expectations of the customers. So, if you want to stand out on the basis of superb customer service experience and grow your business through Amazon dropshipping than partner with a reliable dropshipper.

This dropshipper can be a wholesaler, a manufacturer or a third party that not only provides you product sourcing facilities but also handles your fulfillment process in the most efficient way.

Shipbear takes care of your dropshipping business just like its own. The competitive edge of Shipbear is that it provides fast and efficient fulfillment services in a cost-effective manner.

With Shipbear by your side you don’t need to worry about inventory storage, product quality, shipping and delivery. With years of experience Shipbear knows how to keep you and your clients both at peace.


Building a dropshipping store on Amazon might not be much complicated. But creating your Brand, generating sales and scaling your e-commerce business is a real time challenge. With so much competition around and thousands of sellers selling on the same platform it requires experience, knowledge and trustworthy dropshipping partners to stand out from the crowd.


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