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How to Find Branded Dropshipping Suppliers: A Step-By-Step Guide

About twenty three percent of startups fail because they do not get the right teams to do business. In case of the e-commerce and dropshipping if you fail to partner with the right supplier your whole business might get DOOMED!

Therefore, to save you from this set back this blog provides you a step by step guide on how to partner with the right dropshipping supplier. This blog includes all the guidelines a new business owner should follow to create a BRANDED DROPSHIPING STORE.

How to find branded products to dropship

The quest to find branded products for dropshipping is no doubt very challenging. If you are a newcomer in the dropshipping industry than you should first do your research about where to buy branded product to dropship from.

The latest way to find branded products for your dropshipping store is through SOCIAL SHOPPING PLATFORMS. But what are these social shopping platforms?

These are Facebook, Instagram, Tic Tok, Pinterest etc. These social shopping platforms are an amalgamation of e-commerce and social media. They provide a convenient opportunity to buyers to purchase products directly from them. In this way the buyers can also share their purchase experience with others.

Through social shopping platforms not only you can use diverse sales channels. But also, you can reach new customers more effectively. Both these factors will lead to an increase in your BRAND AWARENESS.

            One ad on Facebook, Instagram or Tic tok goes viral and the product can make you a millionaire. So, you can easily search branded products from these sites by looking at the engagement level of their ads. When a product is trending, it has millions of views and thousands of comments and likes. Tic Tok these days has the biggest slice of social media marketing. 

The latest feature of CREATIVE CENTER on Tic Tok lets users have a glance of the latest marketing trends. Instagram reels on the other hand are also the latest invention to let brands increase their marketing. Both these features can be utilized in real time to look for TRENDING products that are in demand.

These are the EASIEST, COST EFFECTIVE and MOST CONVENIENT ways to look for branded dropshipping products.

How to research suppliers for your branded products

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found a winning branded product. But do you know from where you can source it? Do you have a supplier in hand? Or do you even know how can you contact branded dropshipping suppliers?

Finding a reliable branded supplier that provides you best quality products is difficult. When the competition is so much fierce in the market a poor-quality product can cause a havoc. By following the below mentioned steps you can research BEST dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store:


First step is all about collecting relevant information about suppliers. You can find information about suppliers from both online and offline resources. Online resources include social media and online browsing. Several suppliers and Third-Party Logistic Companies such as Shipbear have their pages and accounts on social media platforms. They also have their websites where business owners can not only contact them but also get quotes. Offline resources include trade shows and word of mouth. You can get contact of reliable suppliers from other people who are already in the business. 


Once you have shortlisted a supplier or suppliers the second step is to outreach them. As mentioned before you can contact them through their websites. You can contact the through emails or numbers mentioned on their websites. Make notes of what each shortlisted supplier has to offer you in terms of pricing, minimum order quantity, delivery, fulfillment and inventory management services.


Compare the quotes of all the selected suppliers and select the one whose services BEST suit your requirements. Once selected ask the supplier to share a sample of the product you want to sell.


After approval of the sample or the product prototype the last step is all about placing the order. Place your order and wait for the results.

How to contact suppliers and negotiate terms

In the modern era of communication contacting suppliers is no more a difficult task. You have so many options available to contact them. Emails, WhatsApp, Phone or through contact us page mentioned on their website you can easily contact them. The next step however is not that much easy. What’s the next step?

Negotiating with suppliers

Negotiating is complex because reaching a WIN WIN situation is critical. However, by using the following tactics you can carry out successful negotiations with your suppliers:

Do your homework:

Before you contact the supplier for negotiation make sure that you are prepared. You should know about your business, it’s vision and mission. You should know on what grounds you want to negotiate with the supplier. Is it with the price only or other key factors such as shipping and fulfillment?

Always have a plan B:

While negotiating you should always have a PLAN B in mind. Incase if the negotiation does not work out you should have other options or suppliers on list whom you can contact. Remember that negotiation is not just about price it is about managing your supplier’s performance.

Build a trustworthy relationship:

This is crucial for both parties. Either business owners or suppliers both should never deceive each other. Communication is the key. Both should openly and truthfully communicate their reservations and demands to each other. A trustworthy and reliable supplier and seller relationship is the key to a business’s success.

Document everything:

The whole negotiation process such as the agreed upon price, MOQ (if any), delivery time etc. should be documented. This increases the validity and authenticity of the negotiation process. It assures that none of the parties cannot bow deviate from the agreed upon terms and conditions.

Tips for managing supplier relationships
1Communication is the key. Make sure to engage in constant, two way and effective communication with your supplier.
2Implement transparency in all your matters with the supplier. Transparency increases trust and reliability in the supplier seller relationship.
3Be prompt and regular in your payments.
4Provide regular feedback to the supplier. Try your best to indulge in constructive feedback to strengthen your professional partnership.
5Make them feel like your partners. Work with them on equal professional grounds. 

Shipbear as your trusted supplier

Product sourcing comes with a lot of legal regulations. For new business owners it is difficult to comply with the tough legal regulatory criteria. With Shipbear as your dropshipping partner you need not to worry about any legal regulations. 

Shipbear is the most trusted branded dropshipping partner for years. Can you imagine that Shipbear takes control of the whole fulfillment process like a pro and you still have full control of your business. Shipbear through its ALL-IN-ONE BRANDED DROPSHIPPING SERVICE PROVIDES:

  • Low overhead costs
  • Automated inventory management system
  • Global warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Best product sourcing services with regular product inspections

Shipbear therefore takes the hassle away from your shoulders and takes full responsibility of the whole supplier and fulfillment process. Get the best quotes from the most TRUSTED suppliers and create MORE VALUE into your branded dropshipping business. All by partnering with SHIPBEAR!


Finding a branded dropshipping supplier is necessary if you wish to create a brand that provided value to your customers. VALUE is everything people look for these days. Although finding a good branded dropshipping supplier is hard, negotiating is even harder. Yet through effective communication and transparency you can definitely succeed in finding a branded dropshipping supplier.


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