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Last-Minute Tips and Tricks to Boost Holiday Sales

For new business owners the holiday season is the perfect time to BOOST THEIR REVENUES. If you want to end this year strong and begin the next year with a geared start than this is the BEST time. To prepare you on how you can CAPITALIZE the Holiday season we have compiled some useful tips on this blog. Do read further to equip your business with the most useful tactics to boost holiday sales.

Update Your Store with Holiday Deals

Do you know which months are considered to be the BIGGEST for e-commerce business owners?

The months between November and January.

Yes, this is the perfect time to equip your website or Shopify store with the best Holiday focused strategies. Along with the use of best dropshipping techniques, making use of Holiday Deals and promotions can take your sales to a new HEIGHT.

Consider the example of The Pearl Source which is a Los Angeles based jewelry retailer e-commerce business. To take advantage of the Holiday season the retailer launched a marketing campaign with a chat marketing agency. According to this promotion customers were given a flat fifteen percent discount on clicking an ad that lead to the messenger. As a result of this Holiday Campaign Pear Source earnt sixty-four thousand and four-hundred-dollar revenue from new customers.

This is how much you can earn by customized Holiday deals.

You should update your store or website using the following strategies to take maximum advantage of the Holiday season:

  • Customize your website’s homepage in accordance with specialized Holiday theme. Add holiday themed banners and change colors and fonts.
  • SEO has a VERY SIGNIFICANT role in boosting your website’s traffic. Make sure that your website has all the Holiday related SEO.
  • Use the BLOG SECTION of the website to include Holiday Season Related Content. Add information about Holiday related discounts and special products.
  • Make sure that your website is responsive to both desktop and specifically mobiles. According to estimates the revenue from the e-commerce sales through mobile has multiplied from 52.4 percent  in 2016 to 72.9 percent in 2021. The below graph shows the increase growth in e-commerce revenues through mobile sales.

Stand out from the competition through customized content

Among the most convenient ways of giving a FESTIVE FACE LIFT to your website for the Holiday season adding custom Holiday content is the one. You can change the product descriptions and include words like Exclusive Holiday Season sales more often. You can also offer your customers BUNDLE OFFERS and FREE GIVE AWAYS Exclusively for the HOLIDAY SEASON.

In short you should give a complete REFRESH to your old product descriptions. Add new product photos with Holiday props and images. Double check the price listings for each product to make sure that you remain profitable during the season.

Another creative and productive way to stay updated to Holiday sales content is through a CONTENT CALENDER. Since the holiday season has different sales at different times such as BLACK FRIDAY, CYBER MONDAY etc. therefore you should have different content planned for each occasion. This will help you to target the right traffic of customers towards your store.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Social media can be a major support to a brand’s goals. Everybody is hooked to their mobile screens these days. Reason? Social media.

According to research the purchasing decisions of seventy one percent of consumers are guided by social media. Almost ninety percent of consumers purchase from a particular brand only if they follow it on social media. For a brand its followers are more likely to purchase from it as compared to other consumers who don’t follow it.

Therefore, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. can be a major source to drive marketing campaign for Holiday season. Post about the latest Holiday offers on Facebook page, Instagram account or a simple tweet, all these can lead GIGANTIC CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT and awareness about your brand’s Holiday season campaign. The following statistics indicate how social medi interaction of consumers with your brand can bring HUGE SALES to your business.

Source: Sprout social index

Add Multiple Payment Options-

There was a time when customers had to choose just between cash on delivery and credit card option. However now there has been a REVOLUTION in the online payment system. To increase the BUYING POWER of the customers e-commerce now allows them to choose between dozens of digital payment options.

The options of digital payments are so large that it at time becomes difficult for the customers to make a choice. Each type of payment option has its own pros and cons. For example, APPLE PAY and Samsung pay are compatible for only customers who use APPLE and Samsung devices. Some payment options require customers to share information which might raise security concerns for them and they leave the cart.

The challenge for business owners is to add such payment options that are safe for the business and convenient for the customers.

Free Shipping-the BIG Catch

The MOST CRITICAL factor to keep online shoppers HAPPY is to offer them free shipping. Eighty percent of online customers will prefer to buy from an online store that offers them free shipping. If you are aware of the factors about how-to dropship in shopify successfully the you must know the value of free shipping. 

Especially during the Holiday season offering free shipping on orders can increase the conversions and sales simultaneously. You can offer free shipping on bulk orders or combos with a minimum purchase limit. This will not only increase the AVERAGE ORDER VALUE of your online business but also the overall revenues.

Shipbear’s exclusive shipping features

Once you offer free shipping and that too during the Holiday Season the probability of receiving huge orders increases. To cope up with the increase demand you have to make sure that your logistics system is on point and efficient. Since you are new to the dropshipping world therefore to maintain HAPPY customers it is better to partner with an experienced warehousing and fulfillment partner.

For this reason Shipbear is among the most reliable and trusted partners that has been offering top notch warehousing and fulfillment services to various brands for the past many years. Shipbear has a global warehouse network across China, Europe and US. it takes complete responsibility from sourcing, packaging to shipping.

Not only Shipbear is reliable in terms of its warehousing services, it is also extremely cost effective. As a result of Shipbear’s budget friendly services you can save the overhead costs of your business. Consequently, leading to an increase in your revenues.

To make sure that your customers orders reach safe and on schedule Shipbear has partnered with top notch courier services in China such as Yun express, 4PX, SF express. Can you believe it takes just 5-15 days for your orders to reach customers based across the US?

Be more responsive to customers

The satisfaction level of your customers depend highly upon how much your brand is responsive to customer’s queries. Especially during the Holiday season when there is so much pressure of orders and customers are impatient to receive their orders on time there is a probability that sometimes the customers might receive damaged products. Also, there are chances of delayed deliveries. In such circumstances if the company does not respond to customers in a timely manner they will become frustrated.

It is therefore important to be more responsive to customers specificity during the Holiday Season. If a customer’s order gets delayed the brand should inform the customer beforehand. Also, if a customer receives a wrong order then the brand should actively respond to customer and assure a return or exchange.


The Holiday season is a DO OR DIE situation for e-commerce business owners. You can either loose customers or make more.A little more effort can earn business owners’ HUGE profits and revenues. For new business owners’ certain tips such as user-friendly holiday season customized website, Variety of payment options and free shipping can convert their potential customers into promised buyers.


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