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What is Branded Dropshipping and Does It Still Work in 2022?

Thinking about starting your own dropshipping business? Then why not go for branded dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the new trend in the e-commerce business industry. It is a business model primarily used by retail business owners who do not want to stock the inventory but want to test different products in the markets. Dropshipping is a great business opportunity for new entrepreneurs. According to Statista, the number of products drop shipped through Oberlo has increased from three hundred and forty eight in 2017 to fifty thousand one hundred and forty seven in 2021. We are talking about simple dropshipping. Dropshipping has now evolved into “branded dropshipping”. Let’s have a deep analysis of the concept of branded dropshipping and its feasibility in 2022.

What Is Branded Dropshipping

Branded dropshipping is an aspiring concept in dropshipping where business owners first source products from suppliers and then list them on their e-commerce websites. After an order is placed the details are shared with the supplier. 

What makes branded dropshipping different from simple dropshipping is that branded dropshipping involves suppliers who offer blind dropshipping services. Before dispatching the order to customers the supplier will brand the product with the business’s logo, name and unique packaging. The supplier also assures that the invoice shared with the customer includes the business credentials of the brand and not the supplier’s name and address.

Benefits of Using a Branded Dropshipping Model

The dropshipping industry has become fiercely competitive. Hence in order to separate oneself from the competition and stand apart in a particular niche, branded dropshipping is a perfect option. Branded dropshipping is a unique yet structured model that has many benefits.

Consumer Loyalty

The more value a brand provides, the more loyalty it gets from its consumers. Increased consumer loyalty makes a brand stronger. That is why branded drop shipping is a better option to choose as compared to simple dropshipping.

Becoming a Global Brand

Branded dropshipping provides the option to grow into a global brand in a short period of time. By dropshipping the products with a brand name it becomes easy for a small dropshipping business to grow into a global brand.

Unique Brand Identity

A brand is not just a name, it describes the whole perception of customers. Hence a brand name is actually a unique identity that makes a business different from its competitors in a particular niche.

High-Profit Margins

By creating brand awareness among consumers, branded drop shipping can help a business demand a higher price for its products. This will result in higher profit margins. Also adding a brand name to a drop shipping business can increase the credibility of the business. Consequently leads to more sales.

How to Find the Right Supplier for Your Business

Selection of the right or wrong supplier can either break or make the success of a dropshipping business either branded or not. Selection of the right supplier is vital to businesses’ success because of many reasons. A credible supplier makes sure that the right product is delivered to the right customers at the right time and price.

Business owners should maintain selection criteria for the selection of the right supplier. Let us look at some of the standards on which a supplier’s evaluation can be done:

A good supplier always offers good quality products at competitive prices. Business owners should make sure to select affordable suppliers but not cheap ones. Cheap suppliers might sell poor quality products and damage business reputation.

Suppliers should have all the resources required to deliver good quality products in the shortest available time. Large suppliers are considered to be more reliable.

Preference should be given to local suppliers. When choosing distant suppliers give due attention to their delivery and return policies.

Instead of indulging in the debate of selection between local and distant suppliers, it is better to choose a full-service dropshipping agent. 

Shipbear is the best option to choose when looking for a full-service dropshipping agent. For years Shipear has been exceptional services in various aspects of branded drop shipping such as:

Product Sourcing

Shipbear provides product sourcing services from the best suppliers available in the market.

Private labeling

Shipbear offers customized product packaging services. This helps in scaling a particular brand through the creation of a unique brand identity. The private labeling services offered at Shipbear are also very convenient. Business owners have to see their logo, and after confirmation from Shipbear’s manufacturing unit, the unique packaging is created.


Shipbear also offers integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, etc. Shipbear is also available onAli Baba.

Inventory storage

Shipbear offers safe and secure inventory storage services. Through its international warehouse facility, it offers b product delivery within 3-7 days in the same location.

Global fulfillment centers

Shipbear owns warehouse and fulfillment services at a global level. It offers huge brand growth opportunities by shipping the product from the target market in just 2-5 days. The pick and pacl=k extra mile delivery option is Shipbear’s competitive advantage.

Tips for Setting Up Your Own Branded Dropshipping Store

Each brand has its own DNA consisting of brand story and voice. Adding a brand name to dropshipping business helps a business set its values and story. What makes big brands stand apart from the crowd is their values. The branded dropshipping model lets a business create and define its own brand values. Consider for example fitness brands. Fitness brands create values that aspire fitness enthusiasts to purchase their products. Their brand values and promises align with those who want to stay fit and active.

A brand promise defines a customer’s expectations of a particular brand. It is what convinces the customers to make repeated purchases from the brand. For example, the promise to sell all-natural organic products convinces the customers who appreciate all vegan products to make repetitive purchases.

What makes a store more powerful and reputable is a strong brand identity system that resonates with the consumers at an emotional level. The advertisement, visuals, and typographies of the brand should be such that it communicates with the consumers emotionally.

For enriching a brand with all these qualities that help it establish a stronger brand identity it is better to hire a third party. Third-party service providers such as Shipbear carefully source and then package the products as per the brand’s criteria. Products are packed in a unique way so that the brand identity can be communicated easily to the customers during the delivery process. 

Shipbear takes the burden off its customers. It lets them save their time and invest in other important areas such as marketing.

Customized packaging can also help in product differentiation. A unique packaging not only sets a business apart from its competitors but also creates its separate brand identity in the perception of the customer. Using marketing tactics such as unique product images, catchy product descriptions, and a convincing brand story can also help in product differentiation.


Branded dropshipping is the gateway to owning your own brand and scaling it to a global level. With trusted partners like Shipbear, all you need to do is just take the initiative. It’s 2022 and dropshipping is not just selling white label products. It has now transformed into branded drop shipping. Give life to your ideas and start your own brand now.


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