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How Shipbear can help you navigate your branded dropshipping journey

When we’re talking about branded dropshipping we know that you’ve come a long way and along your journey, you probably started with dropshipping plain products and switched to branded dropshipping as you moved forward or are planning to do so.

Branded dropshipping is the next step for dropshippers once they get the hang of it. Before we dig into what benefits branded dropshipping can give to your business, here’s what the term “branded dropshipping” actually means-

When dropshippers switch on to creating their own online brand and start selling products that have their brand name on them, this process is known as branded dropshipping”

It comes as no surprise that businesses with a massive demand move onto branded dropshipping as they already have a name in the market and just need a “label” or a “brand name” that can make an appearance in the market and create that buzz.

Why should branded dropshipping be your next step?

As a dropshipper, you are always looking for opportunities to have better doors opened for you in the market. Research shows people are 40% more interested when a product gets a “brand name” than simple generic products.

This is one of the main reasons all dropshippers look forward to switching to branded dropshipping as it does 40% better than generic dropshipping. So to answer, why should branded dropshipping be your next step? Because it is the next step on your ladder to a successful dropshipping business.

It is a typical customer mindset that a product with a “brand name” will have better quality associated with it than a generic product. Hence making a huge impact when you switch to branded dropshipping.

How can Shipbear help you switch to branded dropshipping?

As a dropshipper, your entire experience depends on a good reliable supplier. Shipbear dropshipping services is now been the best pick for many dropshippers while shifting to branded dropshipping as they are flexible in working with and are extremely easy with the entire procedure.

When you get on board with Shipbear for your branded dropshipping, you are going to get directed to a step-by-step procedure that will not only make it easier for you to adopt the whole new business model of having your own branded products but also help you with making the best out of it.

Step-by-step guidelines for branded dropshipping with Shipbear:

With all the options available for dropshippers to choose a supplier from, Amazon dropshipping is one of the most searched on, while it may be one popular search on google, there are terms and conditions that one has to abide by and things can go a little complex. While there are other dropshipping services that are not only easy to go with but also help you with selecting the right product for your branded dropshipping.

Once you’ve finalized your supplier, say- Shipbear. You are going to open up their website and go to the private labeling tab. Here’s the link-


The private labeling section is for branded dropshipping where you begin your journey.

Step-1: Create a logo that defines your brand and send it to your Shipbear supplier.

Step-2: Confirm the product designs and order from the manufacturer.

Step-3: Get your branded products made timely with a pre-decided quotation.

Choosing the right products for branded dropshipping

This is one thing that many dropshippers think should be solely decided by them, but as a matter of fact, a bit of expert advice in this particular regard could do wonders.

Experts at Shipbear dropshipping are there to guide dropshippers on what products they should be getting branded. Branded dropshipping is can be a lot trickier than you could think, but with expert advice and strategically thought decisions you can make sure you take the right decision for your business and select the right product for branded dropshipping.

If you have had experience with dropshipping Amazon products you’d know how it can be quite risky to select products for branded dropshipping on your own. There are product categories that do well when branded and then there are products that will need A LOT more work and effort to make them do well.

Shipbear has experts that suggest to you and guide you on choosing the right product and then proceed with your branded dropshipping.

Creating your own Shopify store

When you finally have your branded products onboard and you are ready to sell them, you are going to need a Shopify online store to sell the products.

Shopify is an amazing platform that lets online stores sell their products either through websites or social media. Businesses big or small, consider Shopify to be their first option when it comes to making an online store as it gives liberty for customization.

Shipbear can help you get access to creating your Shopify online store directly from their website. The procedure is very simple and lands you to create your Shopify store smoothly.

Here are some tips on creating your Shopify online store with Shipbear.

  • Create your Shopify account and log in to it.
  • Create a domain name for your business, Shipbear experts will guide you on this.
  • From Shipbear online, import your products to your Shopify online store.
  • Once your Shopify store is all set to be launched, do the marketing part and spread the word.
  • Find the right target audience and promote your Shopify store on different social media platforms.
  • Dropshippers are focusing on SEO-based campaigns these days that work on keywords search. Try to include the top searched keywords in your campaign and promote it well.
  • Email marketing is another way to promote your Shopify online store. Email marketing helps reach out to potential customers that can be converted into paying customers through your offers and promotional emails.

Why Shipbear?

While we’re at it, you might be thinking Why Shipbear? Why should you choose Shipbear for your branded dropshipping? Well, the answer has already been addressed, and although Shipbear stands on top of the list for dropshipping services it is also one of the few award-winning all-in-one trade agents that can provide you with all the services you need for your dropshipping business. 

From catering to your budding business needs to lift it towards the next step. Shipbear can help you reach the heights of success. Shipbear is not just your trading agent but also an expert guide on how to do it all with full proficiency.


Dropshipping businesses grow into personalized branding and a good supplier can play a vital part in this growth.

Shipbear dropshipping services can guide you through your way to branded dropshipping. With a step-by-step procedure on adding up your logo to selecting the desired products, Shipbear is there to guide you through, with their experts on board.

Online Shopify stores are great for creating your brand name in the market, with a little push on the right platform- social media marketing or email marketing you can create a huge impact and grow drastically.

How you carry out your business is not just about selling products, creating a brand value that stays is what a sustained dropshipping business owner looks for and Shipbear certainly helps you with all that you need to know about this.


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