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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Leverage Google Trends for Dropshipping Success

Did you know that gaining insight into what your competitors are up to and expectations of your potential customers are just a click away?

With Google trends you can get tons of such insights conveniently and scale your dropshipping business to new heights of success and revenue generation. Read further to know how!

Google trends and its use in a successful dropshipping business

Google trends is an online search tool. It shows the search queries of people in your locality or even around the world. It is extremely useful because the results it shows are actual search results from Google. In the modern era Google trends is extremely popular among the modern researchers. What makes it even better is that it is FREE. Its use is evident in a wide variety of subjects be it marketing, economics or even e-commerce. 

What is the most critical factor that determines the success of a dropshipping business?

A profitable niche

But finding a profitable niche and a trending product is a big challenge. Google trend in this case is the GOLD MINE of profitable niches and trending products. It is really the sweetener that increases the success probability of your business.

But How?

You can use the search feature of Google trends to check if a particular product is in demand or not. You can even check if the product is seasonal or not. Also, if people have interest in the product or niche over a particular period of time. No doubt it can be extremely difficult to find a product that sells. But it may not with the help of Google trends.

The “Hot Topics” feature on Google Trends

The Hot Topics feature on google trends lets you identify new business opportunities. You can identify your customer preferences which you might haven’t looked or considered yet. Simple select the ‘Trending Searches” option in Google Trends and type the keyword you are targeting. Google trend will show you the most searched topics and queries your customers are looking for.

Further if you select the “breakout” terms feature you will get to know what relevant queries your customers have. For example, if you type Holiday deals in Trending searches you will see Candles as an interest. Further if your breakout the term candle it will get narrowed down to bath and body candles. This indicates that during the holiday season selling Bath and Body candles can be a good option.

Google trends will also give you insights on where to market your candles and which interests to target.

Why understanding the competition is key to finding profitable products?

A healthy competition is what we need for a functional economy. If you want to stand apart from your competitors then you must know:

  • What products they are selling
  • What services they are offering
  • What marketing campaigns they are using
  • How are they pricing their products?

Only if you know all this than you will be able to select, price and market your products uniquely as compared to your competitors. This will make you stand apart and perform better. Economic trends indicate that better product prices, quality, more innovation and greater variety all result from market competition.

Understanding the competitions can help new business owners gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Through competitive advantage not only the company can gain superior margins. But also help the company gain more value and reputation among stakeholders.

Understanding the competition can help business owners find profitable products. Consider for example the case of Walmart. Walmart always offers products in less prices as compared to its competitors. Similarly, you can sell same products in the market at lower prices. Since the competitor is selling the product it indicates the product’s demand. You can use economies of scale to capitalize on the product’s demand through cost effectiveness.

Using Google Trends for competitor analysis

Google trends is an amazon tool to track your competitor’s performance. Simply add the brand names of your competitors in their websites separated by a comma in the search term option and click search. Google trend will provide you an analysis of their online traffic, image search, Google shopping and a lot more metrics.

You can analyze where your competitors are lagging behind. Also, from the peaks you can see on what areas they are showing good performance.

Tips on how to scale your business using Google Trends

Google trends is an amazing tool to scale your dropshipping business. However, you must know how to use google trends for dropshipping in an effective manner. Here are some carefully researched tips that will help you scale your dropshipping business using Google Trends:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most cost-effective technique to bring organic traffic to your dropshipping store or website. Google trends help you identify most searched keywords. You can use the top keywords in your website content through blogs, product descriptions etc. This simple technique can bring lots of organic traffic to your web shop.

  • Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

Consider for example you are marketing winter apparel. Using google trends information you can market the product all year round. In USA the winter season lasts from October to January. Once it is over in USA you can target your marketing campaign in New Zealand where winters peak season is June. 

  • Geographic Segmentation

Geographic segmentation is amongst the best features of Google Trends. The more specific you are in terms of marketing the more is the success probability of your campaign. Google trends surely lets you be more precise in terms of marketing. For example, if you are selling false eye lashes just type the keyword in the search box. Google trends will show you in which geographical areas people have more interest in the product. You can then specifically target the consumers of that particular area.

In this case People in United Kingdom have more interest in false eyelashes. You can further narrow down the research in the United Kingdom as well to target consumers of specific regions. 

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Digital innovations in marketing and e-commerce strategies have led to the creation of new search tools. Google trends is an amazing search tool that lets do market research, competitor analysis, market segmentation and selection of winning products, all by just browsing through your laptop screens. Effective marketing strategies along with reliable dropshipping business partners like Shipbear can guarantee your business’s success.


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